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* E-INVOICING AND E-WAYBIIL function are optional.


  • Contract Management stands for the Managing storage booking, in other word we can say "Pre-Booking".
  • Before starting of season, system will add pre-booking as per party and party group
  • After Pre-booking get Completed, Party must sign contract on the system generated contract documents.
  • This functionality is customizable.
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  • Party can book Crate from the storage before inward.
  • Once crate has been booked, they can request the booked crate. Invoice can be generated and manage with or without storage invoice.
  • At the time of Pre-Inward, system can decide whether it is crate of party or of cold storage and update the Crate Inventory accordingly.
  • This functionality is customizable and optional.
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  • Preinward
    • Pre-Inward should be for gate. Once the Pre-Inward get completed, system will generate Barcode if required.
  • Barcode Print (Optional)
    • Once the Pre-Inward is complete, the vehicle goes for unloading at unloading area
    • System will generate barcode only if you want to follow flow based on barcode (QR Code).
    • Barcode (QR Code) will get stick on the crate.
    • Employee or labour can scan the Barcode for next step of the workflow.
  • Quality Inspection (Optional)
    • Quality inspection has around 10 to12 parameters which are customized.
  • Grading (Optional)
    • Grading has very important role inside the system,
    • We support both automatic and manual gradings. If you have grading machine which produce grading report in HTML/XML/ TEXT/CSV/EXCEL format then our system has ability to read your grading data and connect it directly with Lot.
    • Please note we can customize your grading parameters.
    • We also have 3 levels of parameter grouping.
  • Location
    • Temporary and permanent both locations are possible.
    • Location can be built in Building Floor, Chamber, Inside chamber floor, Racks/Pallets
    • Later you can get storage reports based on Building/Chamber/Floor
  • Inward
    • Once item gets stored inside then the storage with permanent location system is consider as final inward and storage rent get started.
  • Material Order (Optional)
    • If Customer wants the Apple or any other fruit outward then they should request if it is added inside cold storage flow.
    • If they need to do grading at the time of outward then they have option to that.
  • Outward
    • Apple/Kiwi/Banana or any fruit which was stored will be going outward at this stage.
    • In case, if grading is required then user has option to do that.


  • You have options to create packing recipe. Based on packing recipe, system will automatically calculate usage of packing materials.
  • With the packing material reporting you can check how much material has been consumed and how much is on hand.
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  • Storing good inventory, packing material inventory can be managed here.
  • Starting from purchase order to accounting management everything is ready to use.
  • We have facility in which Invoice generates automatically and will be sent to vendor.
  • You can receive ordered Inventory Items inside the system.
  • NEFT/RTGS/IMPS form printing is possible for Billing, later you can update your UTR code.
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  • You can Generate or system will generate storage and Labour Invoices automatically.
  • You can Generate Sales Bill if you are doing trading.
  • Packing Material/Charges Bill will be automatically Generated.
  • Crate charge Bill will be automatically Generated.
  • All options pertaining to accounting are included such as Payment receipt, Payment settlement, Creditor ledger, creditor ageing report, purchase receipt, debtor ledger, debtor ageing, credit note, debit note, account statement, tax report etc.
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  • You can generate invoice based on your party and labour invoice too.
  • As per government latest norms if you are applicable as per the laws then you have to submit invoice via e-Invoicing system which we have developed too.
  • System will send taxable bill to e-Invoicing system (Government GST Portal.)
  • System will send 4A, 4B, 4C, 6B, 6C - B2B Invoices on Goods and Services Tax.
  • System will send 5A, 5B - B2C (Large) Invoices on Goods and Services Tax.
  • 9B - Credit / Debit Notes (Registered)
  • 9B - Credit / Debit Notes (Unregistered)
  • 6A - Exports Invoices
  • 9A - Amended B2B Invoices
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