OMEX Cold Storage Management System Has Experience of more than 9 years.

OMEX CSMS (Cold Storage Management System) is one of the successful products developed by Omex Infotech. Omex Infotech had developed first copy of OMEX CSMS in 2012, We care your business so that you can take care of your customers. We provide cutting edge solutions with 9+ years of experienced product. Let’s schedule demo and give us a chance to prove our product which will definitely give you a new hike in your business.

A great way to accurate your cold storage functions

Omex cold storage management system has lots of features which ordinary ERP has. You will get more accurate performance with same staff. Let system handle your storage which offer transactions free of error. System takes care of your employee mistakes which means employee can’t attempt blunder even if they are doing it advertently.

Role Base Access

Role Base Access

Employees can view only those data which are allowed by super admin. This makes your data secure and safe.

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports

With 100+ several reports including detailed and summarised reports enhance transparency about your storage functions.

Invoice & Accounting

Invoice & Accounting

In Whatever billing scheme you are working is not an issue because our system has ability to grab it. With all general accounting feature which is proven by most of CA, you can use it with confidence.

Give the best to your cold storage and we give the best for your success.

We are taking care of your storage functions which mean you can focus on your customers. We always support to you by suggesting and developing new features which help in placing you one step up.

Let’s start a new successful journey with omex cold storage management system.

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Key Features

OMEX CSMS has all those features which you require. Don’t worry if you don’t require any feature, we can easily disable it.

Trusted by smart Cold Storages

Let’s thrive your business peacefully and happily like our other customers are growing.

Omex cold storage with Suri agrofresh

We have been using Omex cold storage management system software for more than 4 years and found this software very effective, trusted, smart and reliable. We are glad that we have decided to work with this company.

Omex cold storage with RGA agrofresh

We found the software of Omex cold storage management system truly efficient and reliable. The efficacy of the software refrains us from going anywhere else. We are delighted that we tie up with this company.

Omex cold storage with Sanwalee agrofresh

I am elated that I choose your software to manage my cold storage data. The features of this software are amazing. Truly needed to every cold storage business investor. Smart and efficient technology make the work effortless.

Omex cold storage with Fruitmaster agrofresh

We have an excellent experience of working with Omex cold storage management system. The software of this company is appreciable and reliable.

Omex cold storage with Greenvalley agrofresh

I appreciate the working strategy of Omex cold storage management system. My experience with this company is astonishing and satisfiable. The software is very advanced and handy to use.

Omex cold storage with SK Grih pvt ltd

Well done guys! We are pleased to work with you. Your software has great features. The trouble-free and easy to use features tend us to rely on your software. We have never seen such software which has exact features, a cold storage investor need.

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